Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Leather Pouch From Scraps

Leatherwork is one of those things I always wish I'd do more of. I have lots of leather scraps I've been saving for small projects. So I figured I better get with it and design a pouch.  I like different colors of leather all in one project, like a patchwork quilt. I know that isn't everyone's preference. I'm just a colorful individual, what can I say?

On another note, I was so mad when the new apartment complex owners (a faceless nameless corporation) ripped out the entire front yard for some future drought resistant garden.  So when this little gourd sprouted in the dry hard packed soil, I couldn't help cheering.  Of course it will be scraped away if and when they do plant, which will be sad, but for now I'm cheering for the last act of rebellion! I wonder how big it will get before something takes it out.

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